T-Guard is an elegant, multifunctional system that can be integrated timelessly into any environment and enables hand disinfection and contactless temperature measurement in one step when entering a building or interior.


This enables the device to identify people with a high temperature so that appropriate measures can be taken immediately. This can prevent a possible infection from spreading. The precise and fast infrared thermal scanner measures temperatures with great accuracy and is resistant to ambient temperatures and sunlight. The system is made of stainless steel and has a simple and minimalistic elegant design.


The large 24 “display shows the temperature and can also be used for information or advertising purposes. T-Guard is an innovation by SEKO Aerospace A.S., has a modular structure and was developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.


Hand disinfection Temperature measurement Local interface (local reporting of the measured temperature status) complete remote control. Interfaces and programming interface to portals or doors to prevent opening if necessary. The systems can be networked to form a cluster. Presentations, commercials or general information can be shown on the monitor. Safety and durability (high-quality stainless steel housing, easy to disinfect and clean, unbreakable glass, sensors for all maintenance openings, own power supply in the event of a power failure). Provides a feeling of trust and security for your customers and guests.


RFID/ Barcode/ Card reader

Camera (image recording)

Ticket printer

Loudspeaker for automated announcements or reception staff

Face recognition in the highest security level

Fingerprint and hand-print recognition in the highest security level


Remote setting of the alarm-triggering temperature limit

Direct alarm and quick identification of people with increased temperature

Fast temperature measurement within 1 to 2 seconds

Remote setting of the alarm-triggering temperature limit

Remote monitoring of temperature detection Optical (photo) signal at the control center (e.g. reception)

Detailed and definable reporting


The refill frequency is significantly reduced by the 20 liter tank

Remote setting of the preferred dosage

Remote monitoring of the degree of disinfection (in%)

Warning signal when the degree of disinfection is critical

Remote activation / deactivation of the disinfection function


The device has a 24 “high-resolution display, which is divided into two parts. The lower part gives instructions for use and shows the measured temperature. The upper part of the screen is provided for information purposes.


Video files with a capacity of up to 200 MB can be used and / or downloaded via the Internet. The total available memory is 15 GB (75 video files).


T-Guard has WLAN as standard, can optionally be connected to a GSM modem with a SIM card or, with the highest security level, via LAN.

The screen is protected by special glass that is resistant to damage and breakage.


Programming interface

Stainless steel housing with a 24 ``high-resolution display. Unbreakable glass. Sensors on the maintenance openings

Battery for up to 6 hours of operation in the event of a power failure 20 liter tank for disinfectant solution Voltage 220 - 240 V Dimensions: 1834 x 360 x 262 mm Weight: 47 kg

Energy consumption: 62W Wi-Fi (optional GSM modem and LAN interface) Multilingual menu: DE, EN, IT, CZ, RU etc.

Optional (RFID, barcode, card reader, camera, loudspeaker, microphone, face recognition software in the highest security level)



Authorities, schools, retirement homes, hospitals, waiting rooms for doctors, dentists and veterinarians, hotels, sports halls, restaurants, bars and clubs, companies; any entrance to buildings and interiors where people meet.

Access to public transport, train stations, airports

Shopping centers, shops and supermarkets

Exhibitions, cultural events (cinemas, theaters, etc.)

Petrol stations, high-traffic areas

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